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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 13:50

Useful SEO Tips to keep up with Google

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On an ongoing basis search engines introduce new updates in the SERPs, thereby widely affecting the rankings of all websites, most commonly by dropping ranking. In 2012, Google launched Knowledge Graph, which aimed at helping users find relevant search result to their query.

It also assists users with summary, details, and relevant facts about the search query in question. For instance, if you’ll type ‘Daily Deals’ in the Google search box, you will be suggested several options to help you find the right match for your query.

Today, SERPs aren’t only focused on website ranking, but also on providing relevant information about the search query.

Sunday, 27 January 2013 22:47

The Future Of Advertising - Facebook vs Google

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Who gets the credit in the online market today determining exactly which view of an ad drove a sale? Facebook think they have cracked the idea and have quietly rolled it out to all advertisers in a little-noted move last week. That lets Facebook link sales to ad campaigns, showing in aggregate which ads generated the most response.

Google has long had similar features, along with Google Analytics, a dashboard for doing deep analysis of users' actions on a website.

Friday, 25 January 2013 21:32

Investors push Apple to number 2 in the world

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As investors seem to love punishing Apple stock — even after the company posted its best revenues and profits ever on Wednesday — Apple's run as the world's most valuable publicly held company has come to an end. With these figures any other compnay in the world would see their stock price going through the roof, but not Apple. Apple has however never had a real competitor biting aggressively at their heels - Samsung.

Exxon Mobil's market cap hit $416.1 billion Friday morning, as Apple's slipped to $414.7 billion. It's not a surprise to those watching Apple's stock the last few days. The symbolism, however, is bigger than Apple: it's significant that a tech company is no longer perched atop the business world. This is the first time Apple and Exxon have switched places since last January, when Apple overtook the oil company in market capitalization.

Friday, 18 January 2013 22:49

San Francisco restaurant health data to be on Yelp

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced on Thursday that health information for the city's restaurants will soon appear in listings on consumer review site Yelp, as part of an initiative to improve transparency and ultimately food safety.

The news is the latest in an effort under Lee to make government data more accessible. He made the announcement as part of this week's 81st Winter Conference of Mayors in Washington, where he serves as chairman of the technology and innovation task force.

"We have a lot of information in the hands of government," Lee said on a call with reporters on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 05:10

Paymill Partners With PAYON To Expand Payment Options

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Paymill, the cloud-based payment provider backed by the Samwer Brothers’ Rocket Internet startup incubator, is taking one more step to build out its Stripe-like service: it has signed a deal with PAY.ON, an international payment services aggregator that works with services like Amazon Payments to enable e-commerce services.

The second side of the deal will see PAY.ON integrating Paymill into its own service. That means that the banks and others that use PAY.ON technology to enable e-commerce services for merchants will now be offering Paymill as another way of integrating those offerings.

"In PAY.ON we have a strong partner at our side, whose experience will help to reliably drive our rapid growth and international expansion," said Mark Fabian Henkel, CEO Paymill, in a statement.

Monday, 14 January 2013 23:59

After A Bumpy Year for Start-Ups Investors Are Pickier

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"Earlier, entrepreneurs didn't need a real monetization strategy," said Brian O'Malley, an early investor at Battery Ventures. "They could punt on revenue indefinitely because their investment dollars were their revenue. They could fund their start-ups with funding versus customers."

No longer favored are e-commerce start-ups, which face logistical hurdles and require a lot of money and younger start-ups are beginning to feel the pinch.

CB Insights, a research firm, analyzed 4,056 initial, or seed, investments made in tech start-ups in the United States since 2009. As a result, $1 billion in angel investments will evaporate.