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Google sells Daily Deal Site "DailyDeal" in Germany back to founders

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The original founders have bought back the daily deal site "DailyDeal" in Germany from Google not even 18 months after selling it for a reported $114 million.

The Groupon clone was launched in Berlin in 2009. After rumours had made the round in recent weeks they wrote on their website today that they "will now continue on their own" as well as promising to expand the business in the coming months.

DailyDeal operates in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and was intended to help Google Offers expand internationally.

Now it seems the founders want to take DailyDeal down a different path.


The following statement was posted on their deal site today:

“We are pleased to inform you today that we as founders and managing directors have bought the company DailyDeal back from Google and will now continue to lead it on our own. DailyDeal will of course continue to offer the same service and exciting offers – exactly as we have done in the past. In addition, we will expand the business in the coming months. In the name of the DailyDeal team we thank all of our users, business partners and colleagues for their loyalty and support over the last three years. We are very much looking forward to what lies ahead of us!”

According to Deutsche Startups, Google reportedly tried to wind DailyDeal up a few weeks ago which would have seen all the employees lose their job, before the brothers stepped in to save their creation. But the blog argues that Google’s withdrawal – and its failure to make the deal a success – will be a bitter blow to the startup scene in Berlin and across Germany.

In the future, we will continue pursuing daily deals as a business model and expanding our strong market position. With 31,000 deals and 4.6 million coupons sold summing up to a total value of 260 million euros, DailyDeal has evolved to a leading daily deal sitel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. in the last three years.

"Despite the change in ownership, DailyDeal will continue to be solidly financed just as before."


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