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    Finding the best deal sites

    Our daily deal site directory was created due to the ever increasing need to keep a tab on the expansion of daily deal sites from around the world. The main focus of our daily deal directory is to collect information from daily deal sites and daily deal aggregators. On the one hand it provides the enduser an opportunity to find other daily deal sites with interesting offers and it provides the individual daily deal site operator with an overview of the daily deals market in their specific country.

    The growth in the daily deal industry has been exponential since Groupon's launch from around 2009 until today with so-called Groupon clones launching in almost every country in the world. As our daily deal site directory indicates the number of new companies launching has slowed down somewhat during 2012 and 2013, although the industry is still experiencing growth. This is mainly due to consolidation of existing daily deal sites with mergers and takeovers being announced on almost a weekly basis in the press.

    The two biggest markets in the world for daily deal sites are the USA and China. At its peak in 2011 there were around 700 - 800 live daily deal sites offering discounts in the USA - and China at one stage in early 2012 reported around 6000 daily deal sites. Many of these daily deal sites in China have since closed down. Early 2013 around 2500 deal sites still offer discounts. The US has around 500 daily deal sites still active as of early 2013 and it is expected that this number will decrease further in 2013.

    According to our daily deal site directory the largest markets for daily deal sites in North America are the USA followed by Canada. In Europe the largest markets are Russia and the UK. In Asia it is obviously China and Singapore. In South America the largest market for daily deals is Brazil followed by Argentina and in Africa it is South Africa followed by Egypt. In the Middle East the biggest daily deal market by far are the United Arab Emirates and down under it is Australia.

    Daily Deal Aggregators

    Our daily deal directory also offers a listing of daily deal aggregators. Daily deal aggregators play a very important role in the industry as they collect daily deals from various deal sites and offer the specific deal information on a single site or page. It is therefore no longer neccessary to receive emails from dozens of daily deal sites on a regular basis.

    Many of these daily deal aggregators also allow the user to follow deals in only a specific area (suburb) or category. If the user is interested he can then see all availble deals in a quick overview and only receive a notification email when a deal is really of interest to him/her.

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